The Advanced Text Adventure Tutorial
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Welcome to Chapter 3 in this course. You have already learned all that is neaded to write your very own text adventure course. In this chapter we will describe other elements in the good writing of text adventures.

1. Locations-make sure you give graphic descriptions of your locations. Make them interesting and captivating. Make sure there is lots to look at and discover(even if it has nothing to do with the game itself).

2. Commands-write lots of commands for the game, even if some are just silly, such as: yell, run, squeek, shout, stand on your head, eat dirt, etc....Even write in some cheat codes that do some really cool things. Make another program that includes these cheat codes that's password protected.

3. Draw a map of the world you are creating before you start to code. Think of all the puzzles, and how you're going to do these things before you sit down at the computer, or else you'll get stumped and then never finish your game. Trust me, I've fallen into that trap many times.

4. Be realistic, make your game proffesional. An example of a stupid line would be this: The alien came up to you and said, "as;ldfkjas;dlfkj", Oops, he doesn't speak your language. What a dumb line to put in a game. Sounds like a twelve year old made it.

5. Always make your game into a stand alone .exe file. There's nothing more annoying than somebody who wrote this game, but you have to load another program to run it, or you have to have a run time file. Thankfully, in Qbasic 4.5 you can make a stand alone program.

So go ahead and make a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!