Qbasic Games And Utils

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Here are a list of games and utilities provided by many sources. If you have any questions, then just email me at mbrobst2@juno.com


The Island
31.7 KB
Escape from a mysterious island
The Hidden Island
50.1 KB
The sequel to THE ISLAND(demo)
Doctor Who:The Key To Time(demo)
54 KB
Find the Key to Time(demo)
Ping Pong101
37 KB
Play One On One Ping Pong
Ping Pong 102
47 KB
Ping Pong enhanced
Ping Pong 104
47 KB
Play against the computer
Operation E.T. Demo #1
88 KB
The First Demo Engine of Operation E.T.


Qbasic 4.5
878 KB
Use Winzip To Unzip
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