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Welcome to the What's New Page

Here you'll find the latest news on Qbasic and Qbasic games.

Doctor Who: The Key to Time

Doctor Who: The key to Time(demo) is available for download at the download page.
Roam the tartus, find secret rooms, explore a zombie invested space station, and defeat the master...All in The Key To Time....Full version comming soon.

The Hidden Island

The hidden island(demo) is now available for download at the download page.
Search a haunted house, see mysterious objects following you, read a bazzar death note, and uncover the secret of the Zone....The full version will be comming soon.

The Island

The Island(full version) is available for download at the download site.
You are mysteriously placed on a deserted island. You must explore, uncover secrets, solve puzzles, and get back to your time.

Imagine Reality:Operation E.T.

Imagine Reality:Operation E.T.(demo) is now available. It is only a basic engine sample and some graphics. The full demo will be available for download soon. You and a friend decide to play pretend aliens. Your friend starts to pretend to contact the aliens out the window.....Suddenly the winds howl, the trees shake and a flying saucer comes down and carries him away. Your mission is to find a way to get to their planet and rescue him.

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